Many would say that all the attractions in Marrakech are unusual because the city has its own unique vibrancy and energy like no other place. However, this guide by cheapflights shows there are some sights and smells which, as a tourist, you are bound never to forget.



The Plaza at Jemaa El Fna

Often referred to only as ‘the big square’, the plaza at Jemaa El Fna is the central hub of the city and is teeming with life and exciting energy. The square is full of snake charmers and other exotic animal owners trying to entertain or get money for a photograph with their monkey. You are bound to bump into many street sellers who, on the one hand, are inevitably charming, but also aggressive with their selling tactics. Be firm if you don’t want to purchase anything they have to offer.

The square transforms at night. As the hundreds of food vendors start cooking, a cloud of smoke and steam rises into the warm evening air. This is a great place to grab a cheap evening meal and experience the local culture. The square is where the locals come for their entertainment and you will see things you never see in another city. People gather in circles of varying size to watch boxing matches and listen to the wizened story tellers elaborating on extensive tales from ancient lands and modern myths and proverbs.


The Tanneries

The Tanneries remain a product of the pre-industrial leather manufacture that has made the city of Morocco. To a large extent the technique of using large vats of dye and cures laden with animal hides has not changed in hundreds of years. The brilliant colours are an amazing sight of in itself and the pungent smell is something you will never forget.


Explore ancient ruins and walled gardens

There are hundreds of exciting ruins surrounding Marrakech. Many of these have walled gardens full of interesting animals such as lizards and goats. Sultan Ahmed El-Mansour built the Badii Palace between 1578 and 1607 and now is stands as one of the most sought-after attractions. It survives as a ruin but is a monument which demonstrates a rich and ancient dynasty that is able to afford rooms with walls decorated with encrusted gold and jewellery. The court is surrounded by fountains and pools which make for a fantastic walk on a sunny afternoon.


Wake up to the call to prayer

The early morning call to prayer is a shock to tourists who are not expecting it. However, after a short stay in Marrakech, it quickly becomes something you are used to and is even somewhat of a comfort in the cool night as the beautiful male voices from the many mosques are broadcast on loudspeaker around the city. If you are staying in a hotel or riad with a roof terrace or view, make sure you get up there in the middle of the night. Listen to this wonderful sound and watch as the city prays.

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