Visit Cincinnati one of the Greenest Cities in the U.S

When you think of the United States, cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., or Miami likely come to mind. But there’s another metropolis that is vying for tourists as and environmental preservation in equal measure and it may be a place that you haven’t yet considered visiting on your next trip to the United States — Cincinnati.

This midwestern U.S. city announced in late April that it plans to become the largest city in the country to use only green energy to power its homes, businesses, and public infrastructure. The plan comes on the tail of a green energy bid by FirstEnergy Solutions.

Cincinnati’s green energy plan is projected to provide savings to homeowners of up to $133 each year. The Cincinnati city council had the option of going with a non-green power scheme that would have saved homeowners more than $150 each year, but officials made the decision based on public feedback, which favoured the green energy scheme.

If you’re an environmental enthusiast who plans to visit the area, you’ll be able to appreciate Cincinnati’s other tourist offerings just as much as the city’s commitment to green energy. Among the most popular and entertaining activities that you can take part in during your visit to the “Queen City” are architectural gazing, shopping, museum-hopping, and — of course — eating.

Cincinnati’s Carew Tower is a great place to start since it houses the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. Book a room here, and you can sleep in the second tallest building in the city, which provides a great views of the Ohio River waterfront. The building also holds a reputation for being an exemplary design in the world of French Art Deco architecture and the inspiration for the world-famous Empire State Building. And as long as you’re downtown, you can visit the historical Fountain Square to get a taste of the city’s history along with a taste of quintessential Cincinnati cuisine, such as southern-cooked chili and German inspired schnitzel.

But the fun doesn’t have to end there. You can get to see even more of the midwestern United States with a riverboat cruise along the Ohio river. And if you are a history nerd, Cincinnati has a rich history thanks to its German and Irish immigrant roots that give way to a fascinating offering of museums, including the Cincinnati Fire Museum, the Creation Museum, and the Museum Centre at Union Terminal.

It may not be a household name, but Cincinnati is poised to become another great American city known across the Atlantic just as well as New York or LA. However, its commitment to saving both the environment and residents’ household budgets makes it stand out from the rest.