Stress and the City:
Why a City Hotel is the Last Thing You Want on Your Business Trip.

Tense, exhausting, nerve-racking, dull… whatever words may spring to mind regarding your upcoming business trip, these should not be the same words that describe your hotel. Because most business meetings take place within cities and large towns, people often end up staying overnight in a city-centre hotel. But is this really the best option? The night before an important presentation or interview, you need to be well-rested – something which can be quite difficult to achieve when your ears are assaulted by the roar of city traffic outside of your window first thing in the morning. And after a high-pressure day of negotiations and presentations, that relaxing glass of wine can quickly be tainted by loud music from the pubs and clubs that litter your street. So instead, why not choose a hotel a few miles outside of the hustle and bustle of the city?

A perfect example of a city-escape hotel in the North West of England is the newly-opened Gullivers Hotel in Warrington, Cheshire. Warrington is less than 20 miles away from the two major cities of Liverpool and Manchester, and is extremely close to the M6, M62 and the M56 – ensuring that you will make it to that business meeting in plenty of time.  But despite its central location, the hotel’s woodland surroundings and lodge-style decor make you feel a million miles from the city. Another problem with city-centre hotels is that they are often chain brands, which frequently provide you with an impersonal service in bland surroundings. This is not the case at Gullivers, which is a family-run hotel that values each guest and has been designed in a contemporary, yet homely, fashion.

The hotel’s executive rooms are specifically designed with professionals in mind, and feature a trouser-press, tea and coffee facilities and free Wi-Fi as standard. Guests also have access to desktop computers and a quiet library area, which are great if you need to put those finishing touches to a presentation. The dining options at Gullivers Hotel are ideal for those staying in the hotel on business. The buffets offered at breakfast, lunch and dinner allow you to choose from a wide range of delicious foods, without having to wait around for your order to be taken and served. The hotel bar is open until midnight, with its peaceful surroundings and stylish decor making it the perfect place to wind down in the evenings. The hotel is situated away from main roads, making it extremely peaceful at night. It is also next to the beautiful Sankey Valley Park, which is the perfect place to enjoy some fresh air and take in the local wildlife.

Gullivers Hotel truly is an excellent example of the type of accommodation that you and your colleagues should be seeking out for an overnight business trip. It allows you to feel as if you are enjoying a countryside break, while actually remaining close to local amenities and travel links. Whatever the occasion for your trip, a stay in a hotel should be an enjoyable experience. This is why it is essential to avoid the sterile chain hotels found in city centres. With slightly more research into nearby towns and villages, you can find a hidden gem of a hotel which will value you as a guest and provide you with the relaxing environment you need for your corporate visit.